SILENCIO. Interactive video-installation.


On silence

On the silence that becomes unbearable

The only way that I think it possible to talk about silence is through partial silences, those we do not bear because they are too intense for us. Silences we cannot forgive or permit, those we cannot forget.

Is silence bearable?

Does it really exist, or is it an accumulation of distant noises?

What is it more irritating: the noise or the lack of it?

Why is it said to break the silence and not to release the silence?

Is it talking the most effective way of breaking the silence?

The intention arises when trying to explain what it is happening in those instants when nothing happens   (to pierce silence).


An Interactive Video-Installation

In a room: Screening of two video portraits, a man and a woman on large screens, one opposite to the other (It is a couple. They look at each other, they get bored with themselves. They look at each other or they stop looking at each other, they avoid each other).

Sensor of movement.

The third participant is the spectator, who is going to start the action. He transforms the balance given by that unbalanced muteness. His presence disturbs, creates discomfort.

It is like penetrating into the fragile intimacy of two. That intimacy with complicity that bears a deformed, cut, lazy, even impossible communication, which is capable of maintaining structures only formally.

The participant/visitor enters into the room and he will certainly wonder: what shall I do? What is there to be done in that space where two characters seem to defy each other and I am an absolute intruder?

Through his actions, without being conscious at the beginning, he will set the characters into action (sensor of movement). They will react in different ways. Moreover, at the minimum noise, the sensor of sound will react and this will activate the audio of the characters. They listen to each other, the couple starts to shout louder and louder. It is about household reproaches. It is not a dialogue. It is about a spoken muteness.


My intention is to be in the middle. What happens when the eyes meet and when they do not meet? It becomes evident the totalizer impossibility of the language, of the word.

There are two people who do not communicate any more.

Is it the word the way to break silence?

Is it silence a synonym of boredom?

A performing act.

A show.

Two people that do not act for them but because of other person.

Other person will activate the action mechanisms.

The word.

A dialogue that is not.



2 screens

2 projectors

2 outputs for PC/ MAC or 2 DVD player

1 sensor of movement