LOOK UP THE SKY. http://www.gabrielagolder.com/cielos

Since the beginning of the quarantine, March 2020, I collect skies, my own skies, skies of friends from other cities in the world. We all look at the sky. 
What does the sky have to tell us? Using a neural network system with a long short-term memory (LSTM) architecture of recurrent neural network (RNN) and a convolutional neural network applied to mobile vision, the system of this work will interpret videos of skies from different parts of the world, generating a dialogue between skies and scientific and poetic texts. The skies say about colour theory, perspective, about the atmosphere, about astronomy, about explorations and travels, about meteorological phenomena, about ornithology, about geography, about looking at the sky, about the sky being looked.

RESCATE. http://rescate.gabrielagolder.com

Coproduction La Chambre Blanche, Québec, Canada, 2009.

ARRORRÓ. http://www.arrorrolullabies.com.ar/

Installation vidéo + Web + On line Performance, 2009. Ars Electónica, Linz, Austria + Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

POSTALES. http://postal.free.fr

First prize Banco Suquía/CCEC . 2001. Prize Multimedia Festival Vidéoformes-Clermont Ferrand. France. 2001. Selected for HTMlles 2OO2. Montréal. Canada. Official Selection ISEA 2000. Paris-France. Diciembre 2000. Official Selection INTERFERENCES. Belfort-Francia. Diciembre 2000. Official Selection ICI. Octubre 2000. Official Selection for portal at ARCO 2001. Spain. Selected by the Electronic Literature Organization's State of the Arts Symposium Gallery.

A women leaves her country. She tries to meet vacant spaces, to forget paths. She's considering the new territory. She's not stopping. A trip is more a seek than an adventure. The decision to leave a country first comes from the will to break apart of the family circle, with the blind old uses, and over all, the will to get out from a cocoon, and take the way of self-modification. Sequences are derogating, asking for answers, facing or not each other. A quest or an escape, or simply 'to BE' Labyrinth, where images goes back to the target, in the central node of it's performance and it's hopeless thoughts: the nude, the nude flesh of life.

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