Llorar aun sin quererlo. No llorar, aunque quisiéramos. No poder detenerse en la búsqueda frenética por la identidad. Algunas imágenes lejanas, una lucha sórdida, una perdida total del sentido. Año 1976, la dictadura militar se instaura en Argentina y con ella el terrorismo de estado. Yo tenía 5 años.
Intento recomponer minuciosamente algunas piezas del pasado
Es una cuestión de tiempo estoy sin identidad.


To cry without wanting it. Not to cry, although if we want. Not to be able to breathe. Not to be able to stop in the frantic search of the identity. Some images distant, a sordid fight, a lost total of the sense. Year 1976. The military dictatorship takes the power in Argentina. I was 5 years old. Hundreds of faces that dissolve. I meticulously recompose some pieces of my past. My own identity is impossible to find

"The harsh reality of oppression and her carefree childhood as a part of a happy family are placed literally side by side. On the left of the image we see black and white pictures of soldiers in armoured cars, while running simultaneously on the right are super-8 colour movies of a typically happy family. At the bottom of the screen flow the subtitles of a Spanish voiceover which portrays the terror in graphic terms before concluding with the words: "I have seen everything. I have seen nothing".


Voyage initiatique aux confins de la survie.
Le 24 mars 1976, la dictature militaire s'installe en Argentine et avec elle, le terrorisme d'état. J'avais 5 ans.
La terreur a persisté jusqu'en 1983, 7 années pendant lesquelles ceux qui m'entouraient pensaient que j'étais une petite fille en marge de cette peur.
J'ai regardé autour de moi, beaucoup n'étaient plus là...