52 SHADES OF BLUE. 7-Channel video installation, 2021.
FROM THE OTHER SIDE. 3 or 9-channel video installation, 2019.
LA CARAVANA. 10-channel video installation, 2010/2019.
LETTERS. 2/3-channel video installation, 2018.
LABORATORY OF SOCIAL INVENTION. 4-channel video installation, 2017/2019
WHAT REMAINS. 2-channel video installation, 2017/2018.
REHEARSAL FOR ULRIKE. 2- channel video installation, 2016.
AFUERA. 2- channel video installation, 2016.
TIERRA QUEMADA. Installation vidéo, 2015.
INVENTARIO DE BIENES. 2- channel video installation, with Mariela Yeregui, 2015.
ORDINARY PEOPLE. 2-channel video installation, 2014.
CONVERSATION PIECE. 3-channel video installation, 2012.
THE ZONE. Sound Installation for 15 speakers, 2012.
POSSIBLE WAYS TO RETURN HOME. Video installation. 2011.
THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. One-channel video installation. 2011.
WE ARE NOT MAKING FUN OF DEATH. 4-channel video installation, 2010.
DOLOR. 6-channel video installation, 2010.
PASSAGES. One-channe video installation, 2010.
DESPOJOS. 2-channel video installation + performances + documentation on DVD and TV LCD. Hotel Central, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2009).
RESCATE. Interactive video installation. 2009.
ARRORR�. Video installation + Web + On line Performance, 2009. Ars Electónica, Linz, Austria.
MULTITUD. Video installation, 2018.
REOCUPACIÓN. 5-channel video installation. Variable dimensions, 2006.
CONCIERTO DIURNO. 3-channel video installation, 2006.
INTEMPERIE. Video installation. Variable dimensions. 2006.
DIASPORA. Video installation. Variable dimensions. 2005.
IRREVERSIBLE. Video installation. A video projection on a full water bathtub. 2005.
CANCION DE NOCHE. Video and sound-installation. Laden Nr. 5., Bad Ems, Germany, 2004.
TRIZAS. Video installationl, 2004.
SILENCE. Interactive video installation, 2003.
CRASHING DISHES. Video installation. Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, 2004.
FURIAS. Video installation / Video-painting. Two projections faced on wall. Or projection outdoor of approx 5x7m, 2004.
TERRITORIO. Video installation. At the 2nd. Prize Banco Naci�n for the Visual Arts, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2001.
LA ESPERA. Video installation, 2001
CONTINENTE. Video installation, 2001.
DELICIA. Video installation - Urban Installation. Buenos Aires´streets, 2001.
TURBULENCIAS. Video installation, 2001.
RESISTENCIA. Video-installation, 2000.
CARNEVIVA. Video-installation. Coproductionn CICV, Kiron Galery, Paris. 2000.